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The Do The Dreams Extreme Mastermind Game (DTDX) is the tool that helps develop leadership skills in the boardroom; the workplace; in think tanks; and beyond.

 The Perfect Team-Building Tool For:

• CEOs
• Directors
• Managers
• Employees
• Entrepreneurs
• Solo Entrepreneurs
• Board Members
• Non-Profit Leaders
• Student Leaders
• Service Groups
• Friends & Family Groups
• Dreamers
• Dream Makers


The DTDX Mastermind Game is one of the most powerful and engaging life changing systems today...Like the book by Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich... the benefits of this system helps Leaders & Future Leaders to develop and grow their Leadership Skills in multiple ways including:

• Being Clear About Goals
• Following Instructions
• Being A Good Listener
• Increase Learning
• Making Decisions
• Taking Immediate Action
• Practicing Discipline
• Taking On More Responsibility
• Developing Situational Awareness
• Inspiring Others
• Resolving Conflicts
• Following Through Until The End


When you play the game you get crystal clear about your Big Dream...become more disciplined...increase your value...transform from a Dreamer to a Dream Maker...
Are You Ready To Play The Do The Dream Extreme Mastermind Game DTDX...
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Hi Fellow Entrepreneur/Business Owner,

Is there anybody out there... that wants to work with partners... who I know, like and trust? 

And...who wants to build a successful, thriving business utilizing "Powerful People Helping People" skills?

Years ago...I found the secret to being successful and completing tasks of all sizes...

Projects get done much faster and more efficiently through Masterminds & Dream-Teams...

I also discovered that When I make a game out of projects...that the task become much easier to accomplish and actually fun to complete.

Throughout the years, I used my gamificaton method to successfully complete all kinds of tasks while helping hundreds of people with their Dreams.

I wanted to share my methods and help many more people...so I decided to create my Do The Dream Extreme Game...

I created something that eliminates all these issues so that you can just focus on what you’re great at AND so that you can...

* Be perfectly clear about your Dreams.

* Attract and work with the best Dream-Team (people you know, like & trust) .

* Greatly increase your email list of loyal customers who buy.

It’s called Do The Dream Extreme...It's a Mastermind "BIG" Game

This is SO POWERFUL...you’ll be on your way to:

• Live the dream lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur
• Work with a great Dream-Team
• Make a difference and an impact on the world
• Be able to spend quality time with family and friends
• Do something you love and potentially make money doing it
• Feel in control of your life and finances

Here’s the thing, though.

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Kathy Bee's Awards


My name is Kathy Bee (the lady who wears many hats).  In my lifetime, I have accomplish many of the goals I have set for myself and won many awards along the way... As a business consultant, I have even helped people, businesses, companies and corporations achieve some tremendous  goals.

My ultimate Dream is to help as many people as I can with their gifts, Dreams, purposes in life, so that we can all live in a better world (We Are Oui).

At a young age, from the small town of Bloomingburg, Ohio, (500 people in the town), I dreamed of becoming a famous singer.  I practiced...learned how to play piano...I listened to the radio & records...I trained and sang everyday...I sang anywhere and everywhere for anyone...And I told everyone about my Dream... 

However my Dream was not easy to accomplish. Because I had no connections...no industry contacts...I became stuck...

But what I did have was faith in God...I believed in miracles (and still do).

My grandmother (on her sick bed), told me that I had to leave home (my comfort zone) in order to achieve my goals... "Go and follow your Dreams" she said...There's nothing for you here!"

My mom (my hero) gave me a copy of the poem "Footprints In The Sand" to remind me that God would always be with me and that He would even carry me!

The success that I achieved has manifested due to what I call...

"My Building Block of Principles".

One of the most powerful principles is Faith.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen."

My Dream to help as many people with their gifts their dreams...their talents as possible, comes from a Biblical parable that my grandfather (who was a Baptist Minister) read to me...known as the "Parable of the Talents" (Matthew 25:14–30).  

Jesus tells the story of a master who was leaving his house to travel, and before leaving, he entrusted a specific number of talents to the three of his servants...He gave five to the first servant, two to the second and one to the third servant. 

When the Master returned (some time later) he called his servants to acquire about the talents. The servant with the five talents showed the Master ten talents...he had doubled his talents. The Master made him ruler over many things.

The servant with two doubled his talents to four and the Master rewarded him...

But the third servant buried his talent, dug it up and showed the Master that he did nothing with his opportunity to increase...His excuse to the Master was that he was afraid to take action...

The Master rebuked him and called him a wicked and lazy servant...the least he could have done was to placed it into the Master's own bank account...where it would have gathered interest. 

The one talent was taken from this servant and given to the servant who increased to 10. The lazy servant was then cast out into the outer darkness.

The moral (that I received) from the story...

If you don't use it (your Dream, your gift, your talent) you will lose it! 

You must have Faith that you can then take action and Do The Dream!

You are one click away from getting the help that you need that will change your life.  

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Tell Me More About The

Tell Me More About The Do The Dream Extreme Game...
So I Can Build My Dream-Team... Tell Me How To Play? 

What is the Do The Dream Extreme Game system?

Do The Dream Extreme (DTDX) is more than a game. DTDX is a tool/system that provides the help you need to build your Dream-Team so you can move your (Dream) project, program, or product to the winning column. 

This system provides the personalized help that you need to assemble your winning Dream-Team through Dream-Team Pods so that you can easily overcome whatever obstacle that is in the way, keeping you from achieving success and living your Dream Lifestyle...We are helping people become Dynamic Leaders/Dream-Makers!

One of the greatest challenges for a business owner/entrepreneur is to ask for help. A fundamental step in the DTDX  Game is for players (Dreamers) to ask for and receive help from their Dream-Team (Dream Makers) in the Dream-Team Pods. “People Helping People” is one of our major core principles. You learn how to give and how to receive.

Imagine getting that personalized and individualized attention that you would otherwise receive from a private coach, mentor or teacher...along with the brain-storming benefits that‘s provided in exclusive Mastermind sessions...and so much more!

Imagine receiving guidance that is derived from wisdom packed books which include: Think And Grow Rich, The E myth by Michael E. Gerber, The Aladdin Factor by Mark Victor Hanson & Jack Canfield, The Bible, The Secret, 30 Days & Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson,  just to mention a few.

Imagine being part of a group (Dream-Team) who get’s points for doing good things like paying it forward and engaging in acts of kindness (DTDX Good Deed Cards).

Imagine receiving that immediate feedback you desperately need from another point of view, delivered to you in a kind,  gentle, caring manner... 

Million-Dollar Dream-Teams

The purpose of the DTDX Game is to help each Dream-Team Member achieve his/her highest goal/dream (project, program, or purpose) includes:

• Achieving success in an accelerated time frame
• Receiving focused help from Dream-Team Members
• Building coalitions of like-minded “People Helping People”
• Developing life-time relationships with people whom you know, like, and trust
• Forming collaborations for future Joint Venture (JV) Projects
• Leveraging Dream- Team Member strengths
• Group brain-storming exercises and techniques
• Ultimately assemble your Dream-Teams

Our Vision is...
To Transform Dreamers into Dream Makers "People Helping People"

All you need is the right help & the right winning team!

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"People Who Play Games Are Not Afraid To Take Risks"

According to research, using games in teaching can help increase student participation, foster social and emotional learning, and motivate students to take risks. 

The statement above is only one of the reasons that playing a game or turning a chore into a game, helps you to jump over the obstacles especially if you are playing along with others...which includes: 

~Turning a tedious, mundane task, into a joyous, palpable project.

~Setting-up goals that are rewarded by the team after completion.

~Being cheered-on by other members of your team builds self-esteem.

~Sharing your complicated problems with others who can help you to find the solution.

I am so excited about that I will also be sharing with you the  "behind the scenes secrets" from the DTDX Game and providing you some valuable tips when it comes to assembling a winning team...

Did You Know....

Working with the right team could mean the difference between having a profitable 6 or 7 figure business or struggling to just make ends meet.

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